Herodotus, once more famus thanks to the book and film "The English Patient", was born in Bodrum circa 484BC. lts other well known citizen in antiquity was Mausolos, who enclosed Halikarnasos (as it was then known) with a great circuit of powerful defense walls adorning the city with edifices to suit its new role as capital of Caria:a royal palace, several temples, a theatre, an agora and other public buildings as well as the beginning work on his great tomb the Mausoleum. His widow Artemisia and then her brother Idrieus completed the tomb, which became one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

The modern town of Bodrum today has fragments of its ancient ruins littered all around iq option windows and often incorporated into the fabric of the buildings, which you can spot for your self. Many of the Mausoleum sculptures were transported to the British Museum with the permission of the Ottoman Government in 1846, but the Castle of St.Peter retains some of the bitsand pieces within its walls. The Castle dominates the W-shaped bay of Bodrum and it is well worth a wisit whether you are interested in the flora of the region or underwater archaeology- the Castle is one of the foremost display cases in the world for the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, a joint Turkish American cooperation which explores ancient shipwrecks all around the southwestern coast of Turkey, adding a new dimension to the archaeology of the region.

Transport around the peninsula radiates from Bodrum, but each town and village has its own identity and hidden secrets. Villages on the north coast were more succesful with fishing. While Turgutreis to the west is famous for its Admiral Turgut Reis, G�m��l�k is probably the most protected place historically in order to preserve ancient Myndos. To the south tangerine orchards and olive groves are now giving way to popular tourist developments. Every settlement had its own boatyard, reminiscent of the days when people built their own vessels in their orchards.

The transient nature of greatness is rarely as clearly iq option download for pc displayed as it is in Ephesus, a city once renowned throughout the Classical world as a major trading port, a metropolis of some 250,000 inhabitants and a religious and cultural center. It was also the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the monumental Temple of Artemis, known as Diana to the Romans.

Ephesus holds an important place in the history of the early Christian Church as it is here that St.Paul Preached and it was to the Ephesians that he addressed some of his memorable episles. Some 400 years after St.Paul's visit a great Ecumenical Concil assemled here to hold heated theological arguments and lay down the law on important points of Christian doctrine. Nearby, nestled on a mountain, is a tiny chapel built on the spot where, according to tradition, stood the last home of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It is now a place of pilgrimage and, you may be surprised to find, many Moslems also hold it in reverence. (You can contact with the nearest travel agency for details)


Anyone who cares the least bit for nature's beauty and her various creatures must pay a visit to the river delta wetlands of Dalyan. On the shores man has left his mark by sculpting the faces of cliffs into rock tombs for bygone Lycian rulers and nobles while the marshes Sulfur springs and baths of the delta bear witness to the healing powers of nature and where the streams flow in to the Mediterranean Sea the beaches provide hatching grounds for the oldest denizens of this region, the ungainly, shy Caretta Caretta sea turtles that have existed for some 90 million years.  

Truly a wonderland not be missed. (You can contact with the nearest travel agency for details)


A visit to our neighbors on the island of Cos will surely add another dimension to your holiday, the Greek dimension. From antiquity to the end of the Ottoman Empire there were often close ties between Cos and Bodrum brought about by geograohic proiximity and, at times, life under the same governmet. Today each reflects many aspects of the shared Mediterranean iqbroker-trade.com/iq-option-for-pc-windows culture but it's the differences that mostly interest the visitor.

In addition to being able to taste Greek national drinks like ouzo, retsina and Metaxa brandy, the tourist can take advantage of interesting shopping opportunities, especially native Greek handicrafts. Also, strange as it may seem when you consider the sunny climate, Cos is the place to shop for umbrellas mind you, but those that shield you from rain.

The architecture of Cos bears many marks of the Italian rule of the island between the two World Wars, but of greater interest are the traces of antiquity. Did you know, for exemple, that the Hippocratic Oath sworn by physicians to this very day is attributed to the great Hippocrates who, according to tradition, taught students of the medical sciences under a plane tree on Cos?

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